Money makes the world go round

A problem nearly every foreign professional in Germany faces

Do you feel like insurance and investment related issues are difficult to navigate as a non-native speaker? Struggling to get a grasp on the various insurance and investment products necessary for you and your family? Language barriers creating a fear of exploitation by not given insufficient details to make an informed decision?

I have been there before…

As a native German who lived in the United States, I know the difficulties of making the right financial decisions in a foreign country. I was personally overwhelmed in the early days of moving to the States handling my finances for the first time. I feared consultants were taking advantage of me given the extremely complex and non-transparent insurance and investment markets.

Total transparency is my promise to you

My well-rounded financial industry experience in both the United States and Germany has allowed me to gain a deep rooted understanding of these complex markets and various financial products. It is my responsibility to simplify the entire process being fully transparent, allowing you to make an informed decision to meet your financial goals.

Malte Christesen

Malte Christesen

Executive Partner

Investment consultant (IHK)
Insurance broker (IHK)
Expert in fee-based advisory (DMA)

  • Ulzburger Straße 289
    22850 Norderstedt

Why work with us?

Longterm oriented service

We meet at least once a year, so you can update me regarding changes in your life. Vice versa, I will update you regarding changes on the financial markets. You can contact me free of charges via telephone or E-Mail anytime.

100% digital

All my processes are completely digitalized, so you do not spend any unnecessary time with annoying paperwork. Moreover, with an investment mandate with me, you are able to use the S & C finance app at no additional cost.

Independence is key

As an independent insurance and investment broker I can overlook the entirety of the German market. Therefore I have a competitive advantage over other consultants. I will find the golden nuggets in every area for you.

Win-/win situation

In case I convince you to make changes in your portfolio, S & C Wealth Management will get compensated by the insurance companies directly and not by you; this results in a constant win-/win situation for both of us.

Special conditions

Due to S & C Wealth Management’s superb market position, I receive special conditions at certain insurance companies, which I will transfer onto you. You actually pay less for certain products than other market participants due to a mandate with us.

Free consultation

In order for you to test my service, my consultation is free of charges. S & C Wealth Management receives compensations from insurance company directly. You do not pay a dime for my insurance service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Consultations with us are free of charge. We get compensated by our product partners directly, in case we convince you of a certain insurance. It is norm in Germany that costs for sales and distribution for insurances are already included in the final price.

This means that you will never pay more through our mediation of an insurance than with any insurance company directly. Therefore our business relationship is a constant win-/win situation. You can always be sure to have the best conditions on the market and we receive compensation from our product partners.

You can apply for a consultation by clicking on the contact button in the main menu („Kontakt“) and fill out the form.

Other options are to send us an E-Mail to or call our office at +49 40 5247865 66.

Because of our background studying financial markets, our core competency is portfolio investment. Due to rising inflation, investing in financial assets and in longterm oriented pension insurances, is more important than ever before. Besides our insurance broker license, we have a special entry at IHK in Germany, called 34f, which enables us to mediate financial assets through investment portfolios.

Therefore thorough analysis of your current investment portfolios and already existing pension insurances of our clients is what we are best at. This includes offering you a transparent cost overview of your already existing products and providing you with better options.

Due to our cooperation with Baufinanz Samuelsen, a real estate loan broker, we daily address the following insurances in our consultations, as well:

– income protection insurance

– term life insurance

– private health insurance